Marrielle Ros


'Marrielle came across Ayurveda during her search for wisdom, spirituality and joy of life. It got her truly inspired and what started as a personal journey by following a course about food and Ayurveda, became a desire to learn more about this ancient science of life. Then, she became an Ayurvedic practitioner.

She is a mother of 2 little beautiful girls, running a family life together with her husband, they live based on an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Her strong intuition together with Ayurvedic knowledge provides her the solid foundation for her nutritional consultations for all members of the families, for massage and external therapies and treatments in the Netherlands.

This way she hopes to make the Ayurvedic knowledge approachable for anyone, because she considers that Ayurveda should be shared and spread out to global knowledge and awareness. ' ~  ~